Wood Cutting Narrow Bandsaw Blades

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Manufactured from industrial-grade carbon steel, these Wood Cutting Narrow Bandsaw Blades allow you to move through different timbers with ease. They are designed to support both hobbyists and professional woodworkers, making jobs easier and more precise with every cut. Available from EPS Services & Tooling, each one promises exceptional strength, durability, and reliability within your tool kit.

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These Wood Cutting Narrow Bandsaw Blades are ideal for cutting through a variety of timbers and for a variety of applications. They have been designed and manufactured in house, using Somerset-sourced high carbon steel from EPS. This gives them an impressive hardness that has been accentuated by electronic hardening and promotes longevity and endurance. All of the teeth found on these blades are consistent in terms of sharpness and geometry and we have annealed all of the wealds to remove brittleness. This also reduces the risk of fatigue, allowing you to work swiftly and with confidence.

Our bandsaw blades are available to suit a variety of machine brands from Axminster through to Warco and more. We also provide a range of widths spreading from 1/4″ / 6TPI to 1″ / 8TPI so you can select the one best suited to your job. On occasion, we may need to send a 3 TPI instead of 4 TPI depending on stock levels. No matter your needs or the project at hand, these blades promise to see you through seamlessly. Upon delivery, they will be packaged in a durable cardboard box to minimize the risk of damage and ensure you receive them in full, optimal condition.

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