EPS Services & Tooling is a company with over 35 years of experience in the manufacture and servicing of blades for the timber industry. Our team of professional Saw Doctors is committed to providing high-level customer service and ensuring that your blades remain sharp and in good working order at all times. We offer a range of sharpening services, as well as the manufacture of narrow bandsaw blades using industrial carbon-quality steel. Our welds are annealed to remove brittleness and eliminate the danger of fatigue, ensuring exceptional accuracy and longevity to suit every woodworker. Our modern oil-coiled machinery enables us to re-sharpen your blades, maintaining the quality of your work for many years to come. During the past three decades, we have expanded our range of services, meaning that we are now confidently able to handle the sharpening needs of many different cutting tools and cutting applications.

Operating from facilities in Somerset, Fife, and Essex, we are on-hand to support the needs of local tradesmen and hobbyists alike. By recognizing the unique needs of this industry, we can help those around us with dedication and passion.