HSS Circular Saw Blades Various Diameter and Teeth to Cut Tubes and Pipes

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These HSS (High Speed Steel) circular saw blades are suitable for cutting steels and alloys with a hardness between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². They can be used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes up to 200 mm in thickness.

These high quality blades are CO² steam treated for improved performance and reliability.

The oxide surface allows the saw body to hold the cooling agent better and improves the resistance to clogging.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT and includes packaging in a protective cardboard sleeve.

Choose from a range of diameter plates from the drop down menu ranging from 250mm x 2.5mm up to 350mm x 3mm, with a bore of 32mm or 40mm and number of teeth vary from 100 right up to 350.

The advantage of choosing an HHS blade is that they make a very clean cut.

Additional information

Plate Size

250mm x 2.5mm, 275mm x 2.0mm, 275mm x 2.5mm, 300mm x 2.0mm, 300mm x 2.5mm, 315mm x 2.0mm, 315mm x 2.5mm, 350mm x 2.0mm, 350mm x 2.5mm

Bore Size



100, 110, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 210, 220, 240, 250, 320, 350