Mineral Cutting Oil M6 5ltr, 20ltr & 205ltr Prices inc. VAT

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The EPS Band Saw M Oils are superior lubricants designed specifically for band saw and circular saw blades. These high-performance oils are crafted using a meticulous selection of mineral oil and esters, combined with carefully chosen additives. The result is a cutting-edge saw blade oil that delivers exceptional lubrication, thorough flushing, effective cleaning, and is well-received by operators.

The EPS Band Saw M Oils range is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance saw blade applications. By utilizing these oils, users can benefit from the following advantages:


  • Excellent lubricity, leading to extended blade life.
  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Good corrosion protection.
  • Excellent operator acceptability.
  • Spray mist MQL application or flood applied.


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5 litres, 20 litres, 205 litres