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EPS Band Saw Biodegradable 6 is an exceptional cutting oil explicitly created for band saw applications, characterized by its low viscosity and high performance. This product stands out by being free from chlorine and sulphur, ensuring a clean and efficient cutting process. It is expertly formulated with advanced lubricity additives and features an anti-mist agent, contributing to improved conditions for both operators and machine shops.

EPS Saw Oil 6 is specifically designed to excel in machining, sawing, and forming operations involving ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Additionally, it proves to be a versatile solution suitable for grinding applications, drilling, and general machining tasks involving aluminium and yellow metals.

EPS Band Saw Oil 6 is ideal for scenarios that call for a low viscosity oil. Its formulation, enriched with lubricity esters, guarantees exceptional performance when sulfur or chlorine content must be avoided, such as in applications involving yellow metals.


  • Excellent flushing and lubrication properties extend honing stone life and enables high surface finish and dimensional accuracy.
  • Low viscosity and excellent wetting properties reduces drag out and results in lower product usage.
  • Good filtering characteristics and high oxidation stability increase product lifetime.
  • Chlorine and heavy metal free formulation improves the environmental profile and reduces disposal costs.
  • Low odour, light colour and low mist result in operator acceptability.

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