Any investment into your business is one made to ensure a return at some point. The same applies to hobbyist carpenters who spend their money gaining access to the best tools on the market. You want tools that stand the test of time, give you the best quality results and support you in achieving premium-quality finishes on your chosen material. EPS Service & Tooling are specialists in saw manufacturing, servicing and repair. Over the past 30 years, we’ve provided a comprehensive saw doctoring service to our clients. And, one of the main questions we get is – should I sharpen my blade or buy a new one? Let’s address that question here today.

Sharpening Your Blade

As with all of the tools at your disposal, proper maintenance and care will ensure they last for as long as possible. The right bandsaw blade, especially if it has additional benefits such as Stellite-tipped teeth, BS49 steel or custom variable pitch teeth, will require some financial investment. And, as such, you’ll want to get the most out of it before you’re forced to pay for a new one.

Sharpening your blade is an effective way to do this. Stellite-tipped blades, for example, can be sharpened multiple times over their lifespan before they need to be re-tipped. While many tools are designed to forgo this maintenance need for as long as possible, it provides a cost-effective way to continue achieving the best cut possible. On average, you’ll be able to sharpen your bandsaw blade 2-3 times before breakage occurs. One of the most common reasons for this form of damage includes dull teeth catching on wood – another reason why it pays to keep your blades as sharp as possible.

Buy New

Most bandsaw blades, including those manufactured by the team here at EPS Service & Tooling, are designed with strength in mind. However, it’s not uncommon for people to experience breakages and damage over time. Bandsaws are highly versatile machines and are relied on for a multitude of tasks – specifically in applications such as ripping up wood stock or cutting curves. Therefore, the pressure and demands on them are significant. Sharpening your blade will help you to get the most out of it and making sure to keep the tension correctly applied, the blade tooth pitch correct and the blade installed properly will reduce the chance of breakages. But in some instances, there’s no avoiding it.

If you’ve noticed that your cuts aren’t coming out as smoothly or you’re struggling to work with materials that previously presented no issue, it may be time to buy new. With our modern CNC machinery, we can sharpen and maintain your blades while also specialising in the manufacture of Stellite-tipped bandsaw blades for the timber industry. For more information about the service we offer and our wide bandsaw blades, get in contact with us here today.