Strength and reliability are two non-negotiables when it comes to professional-grade saws. You need the reassurance of quality as you cut through a variety of materials to reduce the risk of slipping, prevent breakages and allow you to achieve a high-quality finish. The vast majority of saws available on the market are manufactured from high-grade tempered steel with additional alloys to enhance specific features. Treatments applied to the saw teeth can further help to provide strength with Stellite-tipped band saws being an increasingly popular option. But, what is Stellite? And, are these blades something you should consider?

Stellite Explained

Stellite is a cobalt-based alloy blended with chrome and tungsten. With a high hardness factor and more flexibility than tungsten carbide, it is commonly used to help reduce the need for continual sharpening or expensive replacements. The most common application of stellite-tipped bandsaw blades is timber cutting where rapid wear on the edge of swage set blades is frequent. Choosing options that have this protective coating will reduce maintenance costs and the possibility of downtime during jobs.

What Are the Benefits?

Investing in reinforced tools not only improves the quality of your work but ensures that your investment will go far. Some of the key benefits of Stellite-tipped bandsaw blades include:

  • Less maintenance.
  • Longer time period between sharpening – up to 16+ hours in many situations.
  • Less downtime between jobs due to repair.
  • Achieves a smooth and precise surface finish on a cut.
  • Allows you to cut more easily through hardwoods.
  • Reduces sawdust due to clean cutting.
  • Can be ground/sharpened to higher tolerances.
  • Allows for fewer new blades to be purchased per year.
  • Reduced energy costs due to ease of cutting in various woods.

How Can EPS Services Help?

At EPS Services, we produce high-fatigue strength, highly elastic and bench table wood band saws to suit the needs of our clients. We utilise a triple plasma-arc manufacturing line to create Stellite-tipped options, improving the length of service and allowing for the cutting of frozen timber too. This machinery fuses Stellite to Rockwell 44c and anneals it via an induction-loop heating process. The teeth are then ground to spec on our specialist water-cooled CNC equipment. In doing so, we produce exceptionally sharp and accurate teeth for your bandsaw blade, supporting you in achieving premium-quality cuts and service throughout your project.

Stellite-tipped blades are a vital option for many professionals. If you would like more information about this process or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact with us here today.